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Why can Heilongjiang and grain Agriculture Co., Ltd, be able to represent the agricultural enterprises in Heilongjiang on the CCTV news program?

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Why can Heilongjiang and grain Agriculture Co., Ltd, be able to represent the agricultural enterprises in Heilongjiang on the CCTV news program?



Heilongjiang province and grain agriculture group is a grain and oil enterprise integrating cultivation, production, processing and sale.

The company was founded in 2005, the factory is located in Heilongjiang province Harbin city Xiangfang District Gongbin road 0 kilometers and food industrial park,

There are 6 companies in the group:

- Harbin and grain crop planting cooperatives

Heilongjiang grain and grain Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang grain and Agriculture Co., Ltd.

- Wuchang City and rice and rice planting cooperatives;

- Heilongjiang and grain geek Agel Ecommerce Ltd

- Harbin Yi Tian crop cooperatives




Partners are spread all over the country


(a) large food enterprises, wine processing enterprises, feed processing enterprises, processing enterprises of raw materials supply of rice candy, welcome the purchaser.

(two) the domestic and foreign large chain supermarkets, KA, KB, KC food products: rice, Cereals, oil, flour, food and other agricultural products and the product supply origin, recruitment dealers.

(three) and grain geeks e-commerce platform, providing agents operating electronic business platform, e-commerce elite training, recruitment partners.

(four) and the national chain of food and beverage franchise, nanny one-stop service, ladder cyclical sales, recruitment franchisee.

(five) private order, OEM, professional team for customers to achieve business dreams.

And grain agriculture group based in Heilongjiang, the layout of the country, its [food and hospitality] Direct stores, KA channel circulation department, OEM big customer, electricity supplier platform customers have been spread in most parts of China and cities.


Internet business platform + grain and food store + logistics distribution


And grain agriculture group O2O service marketing platform has seen the prototype, professional electricity supplier operation team,

Proprietary Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, No. 1 stores, Alibaba, WeChat platform, RT mart, fly cattle Network and other large and medium-sized electronic business platform;

Gradually achieve online orders, [and food] joined the direct shop, the nearest delivery of one-stop service;

Online promotion, drainage, recommended to the store experience; offline services to train members of customers to online interactive maintenance, and ultimately realize the transaction closed loop.

And grain agriculture group advantages lie in the perfect combination of online and offline advantages. Through online shopping guide machine, the Internet and the perfect docking shop,

Internet landing. Allow consumers to enjoy online preferential price at the same time, but also enjoy the next line of personal service.

Coupled with proprietary logistics and distribution services, each customer can have a perfect shopping experience.




Food and drink


和粮好客—— Wuchang rice, Cereals, green food nationwide chain

And grain, hospitality, key market expansion targets in 2017:

2017 Minjiang zheguang plans to focus on coastal, north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a second tier city, business to business model,

Vigorously develop free people promotion, franchise promotion transformation mechanism, reward mechanism to quickly flush the market layout.

We will work together with grain and agriculture to develop agriculture in Heilongjiang and contribute to food safety,

Let every household on the table can have food and healthy agricultural products and strive to make our own brand in Heilongjiang bigger and stronger.





In April 26, 2017, CCTV's news network broadcast the report, "Heilongjiang: new kinetic energy, leading the economy to stabilize upward",

Focus on Heilongjiang, accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and constantly stimulate endogenous power, economic development out of a climbing curve.

Listed in the first quarter GDP growth of 6.1%, the highest growth since 2014 outside!

Heilongjiang's first industry grew by 4.9% in the first quarter, 1.9 percentage points higher than that in the whole country. The figure comes from new kinetic energy brought about by the structural reforms in the agricultural supply side,

By increasing corn, rice, vegetables, grains and encourage the planting of green organic, polished a gilded signboard. Last month, green rice products were sold at the Heilongjiang rice net,

Total turnover of 26 million 900 thousand yuan, this is the first time in the northeast. Take the Internet Express, the farmers on the black land have not only grown well, but also learned how to sell well.

Heilongjiang and grain agriculture company chairman Zhang Fang said: "the transaction of 11 items.". One item sold more than 80 thousand yuan at the expected price."

Heilongjiang and grain agriculture group participated in the auction of 11 items, including:

Broken rice, Wuchang Daohuaxiang rice, mung bean, red bean, northeast of rice, black beans and other organic cereals,

Are from the grain group and its own planting base.


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