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The story of "late night dining hall" created by Huang Xiaochu and Wuchang rice and grain agriculture

2017-07-07 13:54:28 Chinese rice_Northeast rice_Wuchang rice Read

The story of "late night dining hall" created by Huang Xiaochu and Wuchang rice and grain agriculture

At 12 in the evening, a corner of the city, is the time for a canteen to open.

There are only a few simple recipes, if you do not want to eat,

Say it, you can do it. This is the special way,

Special style and nostalgic taste attracted many customers.


Izakaya style layout, cut into the shape of the octopus sausage, just a bowl of instant noodles to diners...... This is the recent hot "late night dining" story, "entertainment celebrity chef" Huang Lei Huang Xiaochu for your DEDECATES interpretation.


In the film forums and social media, the Chinese diners constantly drying out everywhere around their own late night dining - roadside stalls, buffei, Hot pot hole...... In the "hunger breeds discontentment" China, every city has a unique and delicious night down to earth.


So, where exactly is our late night dining room?

It should be your own kitchen!

"The three day to cook, wash for soup"

Kitchen is not big,

But it's the easiest place to be satisfied after a day's work;

The kitchen is not small,

It can hold all illusions about delicious food.

Kitchen God.Jpg

Kitchen for people, it can be said to be great presence,

No matter how you are today or how beautiful you are, you will be here, even late at night;

It can be what you deserve,

Whether it is a simple bowl of instant noodles, or a delicious feast cooked by heart, it is your best choice.


The kitchen is not convenient to eat, but it allows you to calm down and concentrate on one thing. Even a grain of rice will be carefully observed;

There is no senior chef in the kitchen, but it can make you a qualified gourmet. Even a bowl of fried rice can taste all over the world;


I believe that everyone is a gourmet fan, for eating, will not be prepared, and all want to eat good, and should also eat good,

Good sources from the origin, "Yi Tian" Wuchang Daohuaxiang rice produced in Longfeng Mountain Area in Wuchang, each bag meters can be traceability security direct supply, and food, agriculture is the Huang Lei Huang Xiaochu brand products manufacturers.


Authentic Wuchang Daohuaxiang rice originated in Heilongjiang, the largest private oil enterprises, agriculture and food

- - don't let our stomach wait too long for the delicacy!

Cereals, organic certification, eat safe

Rice grain, green food, enjoy a healthy year


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