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And the grain factory warehouse keeper

  • Number2
  • WorkplaceHarbin
  • Deal3000
  • Release Date2017-07-31
  • ValidityNo limit


And the grain factory warehouse keeper

Job responsibilities:

1., timely and accurate maintenance of inventory management system, to ensure that warehouse items of accounts, cards, objects three consistent, clear warehouse area, clear material identification, storage records continuous, clear handwriting;

2. warehouse material receiving and inventory management, in strict accordance with the process requirement and material, and timely tracking job sent material, assist the financial cost management control and supervision of the material purchasing and production cost;

3. and the workshop material group and the buyer cooperate closely, do the production scheduling work, earnestly implement the material reserve and distribution function of logistics, and timely feedback to production department production material shortage or excess procurement and other abnormal situations;

4. responsible for order, safety, integrity and effectiveness of material management

The implementation of partition storage management, to ensure the capacity of library appearance; regular or irregular financial department to report the distribution and quality of dead inventory goods backlog of materials, processing according to the requirements of regular fill in the application form submitted dull scrap materials.

5., do a good job of warehouse various raw documents delivery, storage, archiving;

Job requirements:

Living in Xiangfang district is preferred.

Working address:

Gongbin road Xiangfang District Industrial Park and 0 km and grain grain grain and Agricultural Road No. 6












香坊区公滨路0公里和粮工业园 和粮路6号 和粮农业